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MiXCR Platform is an integrated solution for fast and rigorous interactive analysis of T-cell and B-cell receptor repertoire high-throughput sequencing data.
Extracts repertoire information from the data obtained with any kind of library preparation protocol (RepSeq, RNA-Seq, Single Cell; with or without UMI), starting material and species.
Efficiently corrects PCR and sequencing errors, identifies germline hypermutations, and assembles contig sequencing with the highest possible sensitivity and zero false-positive rate.
Allows to efficiently process any amount of NGS data and scale as much as computing resources allow.
Provides a wide range of interactive post-analysis algorithms for extraction of clinically relevant features, comparing and grouping datasets, with the ability to export publication-quality figures and data tables.
Repertoire profiling from raw sequencing data
MiXCR Platform allows extraction of repertoire data directly from sequencer output. Intuitive user interface for analysis parameter selections helps to easily find optimal settings for your dataset. Many optimal presets for popular data types, generated with industry standard protocols and commercially available reagent kits.
Interactive exploring and comparison of datasets
MiXCR Platform provides comprehensive instruments to intersect T- and B-cell repertoires from different samples. Powerful interactive overlap browser and visualization tools help quickly identify similarities between samples and individual clones responsible for it.
Comprehensive interactive statistical analysis of TCR and BCR repertoires
MiXCR Platform provides tools to calculate many scalar characteristics of repertoires, like diversity estimates, averaged characteristics of clonotype sequences etc., and quickly compare them between samples with correctly applied statistical tests.